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How to access courses on Laptop and PC

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

Congratulations on being part of the Pharma Growth Hub!

Please check your inbox. You must have received several emails from Pharmagrowthhub (

STEP 1: Identify the very first email as shown below with the subject Create Your New Password”

Note: Please check spam/promotional folder if you don’t find this email in your inbox

STEP 2: Once you open the email, the details as below will be seen. Click on Create New Password

STEP 3: Upon taking above step, you will be now on the “RESET PASSWORD” page as shown below. Enter a new password and click on Reset Password tab.

STEP 4: Upon completing above step, below page will open up. Click on OK tab

STEP 5: The next page as below will open. Click on Log in with Email tab

STEP 6: Upon completing above step, below page will open. Enter your correct email ID and password, and click on Log In”

STEP 7: Upon completing above step, you will be on the with the details as shown below…

STEP 8: Click on the profile tab from the main menu bar on the top right (as shown below)

STEP 9: Upon completing above step, a dropdown list will appear as below. Select “My Programs”

STEP 10: Upon completing above step, you will come across your subscribed courses as below. Click on “View Program” to access course

STEP 11: Upon completing above step, below details will appear on the screen. Click on “Start” to start the course

STEP 12: Below screen will appear. Click on “Continue”

STEP 13: Click on “Complete Step” and continue watching next video

----------End of the Document----------

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